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Basketball Coaches

Our Teams

We have a 6th grade team of girls. We don’t want typically more than 7 or 8 girls on a team so everyone gets plenty of playing time.

Registration Fees

Players pay a small registration fee (typically around $100).

Mighty Bluebird Practices

The Mighty Bluebirds practice on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. at Mighty Bluebird Gym. The practices are run by Coach Scott Loucks who has coached 15 teams to State Championships and coached over 105 girls who have played Division I basketball. He is assisted by Greg Hatcher, Founder of the Mighty Bluebirds.

Private Basketball Lessons

Coach Loucks conducts private basketball lessons and also does personal fitness training. The cost for lessons is $50 for an hour session. Personal training is $150 per month for 3 sessions a week. To schedule a lesson contact Coach Loucks on his cell phone at 501-831-1235 or email him at

Skills & Drills

The Mighty Bluebirds offer Skills & Drills sessions conducted by Coach Loucks. Skills & Drills is for kids who are on any of our Bluebird sports teams only. All Skills & Drills are held in the summer months at Mighty Bluebird Gym.

Equipment & Uniforms

All players are expected to purchase their own shoes. The Mighty Bluebirds will sell each player a white uniform, a blue uniform, and a shooter top. The uniform will be the players to keep and it’s their investment in the team. The total cost for both uniforms and the shooter top is $200. Should you lose any part of your uniform a replacement can be purchased at the Pro Shop. If you have trouble coming up with the money please see a coach to work out a payment plan.

Basketball Tournaments

The Bluebirds will play primarily Arkansas based tournaments, but may travel out of state from time to time. All tournament entry fees are picked up by the Mighty Bluebird Organisation.

What to pack for Basketball Tournaments?

When you go to a basketball tournament your child will need both uniforms with them at all times, shoes, and have a water bottle with them and healthy snacks.

The Very Best Facilities

The Mighty Bluebird basketball teams possibly have the best facilities in the nation. We have our own gymnasium equipped with 8 goals and the girls own locker room. Bluebird facilities will compete with any major college facility in the country.

Coaching Fees

There are no coaching fees when playing for the Mighty Bluebirds, which is a huge advantage. This is probably our greatest value considering we have the most qualified coaches who are well paid, but all of these costs are absorbed by the Mighty Bluebird Organisation.

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