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Those who stay will become champions!

The state’s greatest soccer team honors its greatest players. The Bluebirds won State Title after State Title, tournament after tournament. They dealt with jealousy, scorn, and criticism that eventually became respect. They played boys teams because no girl’s teams would play them and traveled to tournaments where girl’s teams had to play them.

We honor the greatest of Bluebird Soccer.

#3 Kelsey Hatcher Inducted November 2005
Kelsey was the original Mighty Bluebird as she and three other boys and three other girls on their co-ed team came up with the name for the first Mighty Bluebird team. She started at age four and played for eleven years, two seasons each year for a total of 22 seasons. She is the all time leader in goals, assists, and total scoring for the Mighty Bluebirds. Kelsey is one of the only two players to have played on all six Bluebird State Championship teams. A player who always performed in the clutch, she was a captain for the Mighty Bluebird soccer team.
Amanda Janton Inducted November 2005
#27 Caty McMains
Inducted November 2005 
You could hear Coach Hatcher screaming, “Come on you little Mac!” Though she was small she was fierce. A little stick of dynamite that seemed to just get in the opposing offensive players legs and come up with a ball. Tough, speedy, and a courageous player, she anchored the Bluebird defense for years.
Coach Hatcher describes her as the smartest player he ever coached. He told his coaches to never take her out from the sweeper position despite not being one of the team’s fastest players. Her ability to slide tackle and to make the right decision helped seal victory after victory for the Bluebirds with her heady play in front of the goal. Most of all Amanda was a competitor; she served as a captain for the Bluebirds.
#24 Annie DeCoursey Inducted November 2005
She was the soul of the Mighty Bluebird team playing center halfback for years. The Bluebirds number two all time scorer she was the teams best at heading the ball. A fierce competitor she was Iron woman Annie and a loyal teammate she was a captain for the Mighty Bluebird soccer team.
# 33 Jonie Block Inducted November 2005
When you think of toughness you think of Jonie. She combines speed and power at the fullback position. Nobody was more intimidating and nobody was harder to beat than Jonie Block. She was always willing to do whatever the coaches asked of her without giving it a second thought. Coach Hatcher referred to her as his adopted daughter because of her work ethic and dedication. She was the enforcer on the field and literally would run through a wall if she was asked.
#23 Kelsey Burr
Inducted May 2007
When the two Bluebird teams merged Kelsey Burr could have played on both teams, but opted to become the star forward for her father’s team. A player you could always count on to give her very best from start to finish, she was a grinder and a battler who had a knack for putting the ball in the net. There were players that had more talent, but none worked harder and in the end Kelsey Burr made herself a Hall of Fame player with her work ethic, her attitude, and her desire. Although not out of high school yet you can count on Kelsey Burr being a college soccer player.
Coach Mark Burr
Inducted May 2007
He was the only girls coach from Arkansas ever to beat Coach Hatcher during the Bluebirds glory run. Although the Bluebirds out shot Coach Burr’s team 25-1 it was the one that counted. It was really no surprise as all teams coached by Coach Burr always had the ability to perform at their peak athletic level and then some. Whether in victory or defeat Coach Burr was always first class and it was this attribute that attracted the Bluebirds to Coach Burr. He and Coach Hatcher joined their two teams to form a dynasty that won six consecutive State Championships. In the later years the Bluebirds formed two teams and both those Bluebird teams went 1-2 in the State Championship several times. Coach Burr could get his players so motivated that he could beat far superior teams because his girls would play so hard for him. He was a true leader who led by example who had a true love for the girls he coached and they certainly loved him back.
 #10 Tracy Powell Inducted January 2008
Tracy Powell is an original member of the first Bluebird classic soccer team and a member of each of the six Bluebird State Championship teams. She is the Bluebirds #2 all-time leading scorer and was a versatile player playing primarily the left forward position, but also helped the Bluebirds by playing midfield and top of the diamond on defense. As a high school player she was named the State Tournament’s MVP while leading her team to a State Championship. She was best known as a Bluebird for her extremely strong right leg and her ability to score from very far out. Tracy has been a fixture in State Championship games since her 10th birthday playing on six Mighty Bluebirds State Championship teams and leading her team to the State Final game every year in high school.
#4 Annie Stafford
Inducted July 2011
 Annie Stafford was one of the original triplets that started with the Bluebirds at age 4 and went all the way through age 18.  The Mighty Bluebird Black soccer team reeled off 280 consecutive victories and won 29 consecutive Classic level soccer tournaments becoming the #1 Ranked Team in the Nation.  Annie spent her career with the Bluebirds playing the Forward position and finishing her career as a Sweeper.  She ranks as the 3rd All-Time Leading Scorer for the Mighty Bluebirds Black Team and was Captain of Arkansas’ greatest ever soccer team. She was a 4 year Scholar/Athlete at Mount Saint Mary’s.
# 40 Sarenity Gomez
Inducted July 2011
 Sarenity Gomez tried out for the Mighty Bluebirds soccer team when she was 10 years old.  Because she hadn’t played much soccer she started off on our Mighty Bluebird B team and moved to the A team shortly thereafter.  She ended her Bluebird career as the toughest defensive player in Bluebird history.  Her slide tackles were bone jarring, her intensity and willingness to take a hit or deliver one were legendary.  An extremely strong player with great speed it was her toughness and ferociousness on the field that made her a Hall of Famer.  Sarenity played her high school soccer at Bryant and went on to be a All-State soccer player and will play soccer at Newman University in Kansas.  Sarenity was also a member of Arkansas’ greatest soccer team, the Mighty Bluebirds Black who won 280 consecutive games, 29 consecutive Classic level soccer tournaments and was Ranked the #1 Team in the Nation.
Haley Hatcher Inducted
July 2012
Haley Hatcher retired from the Bluebird program as the most famous Mighty Bluebird being named the Arkansas Democrat Gazette Player of the Year a record three times. She broke the All Time High School Scoring Record in Arkansas with 185 goals and finished in the Top 15 players nationally ever to play high school soccer. She led her high school team at Central Arkansas Christian to 4 State Semi Finals, 2 State Finals, and 1 State Championship where she was named the Most Valuable Player. She was an All Arkansas Selection all 4 years in high school. She, along with Hall of Famers, Larkin Hatcher and Annie Stafford led the Mighty Bluebird Soccer team to 262 consecutive victories and 29 tournament championships in a row without a loss and led the Bluebirds to a #1 National Ranking, becoming the only Arkansas soccer team ever to do so. She signed a scholarship with Ouachita Baptist University upon completion of high school.              
Samantha Mack
#1 Larkin Hatcher 
Inducted 2012
Larkin Hatcher was the wing man for Haley Hatcher. Haley was the greatest scorer in Bluebird history and Arkansas High School history, but what people often don’t realize is that the majority of those passes came from her twin sister, Larkin. Larkin set the All Time Arkansas High School State Record with 128 assists over four years and finished 3rd in National High Scholl history in Assists by a soccer player. She was a 4-Time All State soccer player at Central Arkansas Christian, a 3-Time All Arkansas Selection and most importantly was a Captain on the Mighty Bluebird team that won 29 consecutive tournaments and 262 games without a loss leading the Bluebirds to the #1 National Ranking and the first Arkansas team ever to do so. Upon completion of her high school career she signed a scholarship with Harding University.
Samantha Mack started playing for the Bluebirds at age 10.  She was new to competitive soccer and started off on the Mighty Bluebirds B team, but it didn’t take long before she moved to the A team and not much longer before she became the Center Midfielder for the Bluebirds.  Sammie was known for her fierce slide tackling, her long scoring shots from outside the box, and she was a fierce header and a very physical player.  She went on to play at Pulaski Academy where she was given all-conference honors all four years and in 2011 and 2012, she and her team went on to capture the State Titles.  After completing her Bluebird career and High School career she signed with Ouachita Baptist University on a soccer scholarship. 
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